Our Clients

We have a number of clients who have over the years enjoyed the uniqueness of our media. One of the benefits of our media is that we customize each campaign to suit our clients marketing objectives and consequently each and every campaign is unique and different. The advantage of this is that clients can run more than one campaign without the risk of diluting any prior successful campaign. On the contrary, given the passenger recall of campaigns onboard any further marketing initiatives will only entrench the passengers awareness of your brand.

Passengers will be welcomed onboard Mango flights with Hyundai headrests on all aircraft over the Festive Season 2011.  

We would like to welcome Vodacom on Greyhound. This is the first time we branded tray tables on Greyhound.
We are proud to have vitaminwater onbourd 1time with their exciting summer campaign over December 2011. Be sure to have your vits about you through the festive season.
Sanlam Liquid goes for a bold campaign onboard all 1time flights to promote their Sanlam Liquid savings account. This innovative product was rated best savings account by the Sunday Times, Business Times in 2008.Six Degrees Media was mandated to give Sanlam Liquid maximum exposure for their product as well as get measurable feedback and potential leads from over 150 000 1time passengers.

First National Bank
FNB makes a sound investment onboard Mango during September with an extended campaign on their fleet. Passengers were exposed to the new FNB product called FNB Cell Paypoint. This new product allows FNB clients to shop online using any of their transactional accounts and pay directly using their cell phone. Passengers also had the opportunity to win a substantial cash prize.

The Times
The Times newspaper has taken to the skies with a three month onboard campaign with Mango. Since the beginning of May until the end of July, The Times ran an interactive campaign onboard 2,200 Mango flights and reaching 375,000 passengers.
To enhance the brand and raise awareness of their partnership with 1time Airline, Avis has branded the exterior of one of 1time’s MD80 aircraft. This bold livery makes an impressive statement and brings the desired exposure. The very graphic elements are unique and striking which successfully impart the message that the campaign aims to deliver to 1time passengers and other travelers.
DSTV has taken an extended onboard campaign on 1time’s entire fleet. For three 2 month periods, DSTV are using the effectiveness of tray table advertising to promote the DSTV suite offering. Several variations of artwork are displayed through the aircraft whereby adding variety and maximum impact. The campaign runs for on and off over six months which adds longevity and also provides brand awareness with continuity without becoming monotonous.

For the month of February, Sarita is running an onboard promotion onboard 1time Airline. An in-flight announcement plays onboard all flights during the Valentine month and passengers that purchase Sarita in-flight are automatically entered into a competition to potentially win a weekend away for 2 in Franschhoek in Cape Town.
Count Pushkin
This premium vodka brand from the Distell group has branded one of the 1time fleet in grand style. The MD80 proudly bares the colours and logos of Count Pushkin Vodka. The phenomenal exposure that aircraft branding provides has brought excellent brand exposure and has created a talking point. It is a bold statement with the unique livery and will enhance the impact that the branding has with consumers.

Jhb International Motorshow
JIMS ran comprehensive onboard campaign onboard 1time and SA Express. Passengers were introduced to the show at the check in counters by way of A5 displays and then onboard 1time's overhead bins. In addition to the in-flight announcements and branding on the airlines trolleys passengers were handed a DL brochure with all the shows details. SA Express branding included mealboxes and DL's in each mealbox.

Castle Lager
Passengers who ordered a Castle whilst travelling onboard 1time airline were able to enter into a competition for them and three of their friends to see the Springboks play Australia in the tri-nations. A well received campaign that significantly increased the sales of Castle onboard.
City Lodge
City Lodge is a company of People caring for People. It therefore made perfect sense for Six Degrees to launch the Pass it On initiative with City Lodge as the initial sponsor.

The Pass It On initiative is all about encouraging and recognising individuals in our communities and country that have done something (however small, and initially insignificant) for someone else, other than themselves.

Four worthy winners received weekend away courtesy of the City Lodge group. Thier small way of passing it on.

Ster Kinekor
Ster Kinekor in conjucntion with Six Degrees launched the first personal onboard entertainment service in the form of Playstation Portables onboard 1time airline. By making PSPs available to 1time passengers, we’re not only providing a unique form of in-flight entertainment in comparison to our competitors,” says Anya Potgieter, 1time's marketing manager , “We’re literally putting PSPs into the hands of potential new users who may traditionally not own a PSP of their own. This opportunity, from SterKinekor’s perspective is invaluable in reaching a whole new market from a gaming perspective”
Garden Court
Southern Sun ran a comprehensive national Refeul campaign which included onboard media on 1time airline. Utilising tray table media and advertising in the in-flight magazine Garden Court were able to direct their campaign directly to thier target audience.

The impact of three different images across a row of seats speaks for itself generating unprecedented recall from passengers travelling with the airline.